A bespoke awning for the home offers an outdoor living space and extends the time families can spend outdoors, protecting you from the sun and the elements should the weather become inclement.

Your new awning will also keep your rooms cooler and prevent fading of your furniture, flooring and curtains.

A commercial awning can transform a premises and is one of the most cost effective solutions to increasing a company’s visual presence. Awnings can be colour coded and sign written offering weatherproof areas for cafés or restaurants and sun protection for retailers.

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Garden Awnings

Five simple steps to your perfect awnings:

Step 1: Choose your style of awning.

Open Awning…. The workings and fabric are a little more exposed to the elements

Semi Cassette Awning…. When folded away most of the workings and fabric is protected from the weather.

Full Cassette Awning…. When closed the important parts of your awning are fully protected from the british weather

Step 2: What size do you want your awning?

How wide do you want your awning? We would always recommend going wider than your door or window to allow for the movement of the sun.

How far out do you want your awning to go? Generally 2 to 2.5 metres is enough to sit under and protect your furnishings, but you can have up to 4 metres.


Step 3: How do you want to operate your awning?

  • Gear operated…. Using a handle in the clockwise direction to take your awning out, and anti-clockwise to bring it back in.
  • Remote Control…. Control your awning by the touch of a button.
  • Fully automated…. When the sun comes out, so does your awning and if the wind picks up it puts itself away

Step 4: Choose your fabric.

The fabric on your awning comes in a huge range of different colours and with an added bonus that they are all self-cleaning.


Step 5: Chose your frame colour.


We are proud of our quality & back them with a 12 month guarantee.


We can send you samples FREE of charge of any of our fabrics.


We make all our blinds inhouse. So if you want them fast, we can make them fast!


Our experience means we produce quality & beautiful end products.


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