At AllBlinds, we are confident that our blinds are produced to the highest quality possible. Being so confident in our products, we are excited to offer a 12 month guarantee on all of the products we produce. Being able to cover parts and materials which are used within the making of your blind and will arrange for a replacement if you have any problems.

However, there are some exclusions within this…

  • Accidental Damage
  • Misuse
  • Commercial Installations
  • Modification
  • Wear & Tear
  • Exposure To Elements

The materials used, especially our fabric blinds can fade over a period of time, especially if they are constantly in bright sunlight or even a smoky environment. Therefore, we do not offer any kind of cover for this.

Finally, we only offer cover on our product. We are not responsible for any other type of damage, fire, personal injury, costs, expenses or other incident which is out of our control. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights within the UK law.

Warranty Terms (Shutters)

The below warranty terms are applicable to all products delivered by AllBlinds

  • The colour fastness is warrantied for 3 years
  • Workmanship is warrantied for 3 years
  • Hardware is warrantied for 1 year
  • Stainless steel hardware is warrantied for 3 year

Extent of liability

AllBlinds are responsible in full for maintaining the agreed quality of the products. AllBlinds guarantees that the products are free from faults and that they comply with the agreed specifications and recognised technical standards.

Replacement of defective goods

If the product is deemed defective or of poor quality by AllBlinds then a remake of the product will be supplied at the original specification free of charge.


We are proud of our quality & back them with a 36 month guarantee.


Our experience means we produce quality & beautiful end products.


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